Although Michael Robb's education was that of an academic (MA in European history) he has spent most of his adult life working in artistic endeavours. He has extensive experience in glass blowing, multimedia sculpture and painting.

Michael Robb

Since coming to Salt Spring in 1984 he has continued to work in these areas. In recent years priority was given to painting until he realized that he was often rendering sculptural images on his canvases. He returned to sculpture as a full-time endeavour.

Robb's sculptures often combine laminated wood, fiber, welded and forged metal with a variety of painting techniques. They allude to no particular time or place but reach for an archetype; that which can be both familiar and paradoxically obscure. They may be inspired by the furnishings of a dreamscape or from vague memories of the archaic; images which have a poignancy that even the artist may not fully understand. He hopes his sculpture will move the viewer to their own interpretations.

Robb's work has been exhibited in both Canada and the United States and is represented in several European collections. 

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